Shirt Lab LIVE Portland
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Only 50 seats available - It will sell out!

Portland, OR – August 3, 2019

Location: Clark College

Official Hotel: Hilton Vancouver Washington

Shirt Lab Portland
Ticket Price Increase on July 31, 2019

Shirt Lab Live

Portland, OR 2019


August 3, 2019


Through demonstration, workbooks, interaction and digging deep into shared experiences, Shirt Lab will propel your shop into the sales fast lane.

It will be challenging.
It will make you think.
This isn’t like a traditional trade show seminar. The day will be fun and interactive.  Nobody will be simply sitting and listening.
Our goal is simple – to melt your brain with new information you can use to catapult your shop to the next level.
Here are the topics for Shirt Lab Live Portland:
  • Marketing Success with StoryBranding
  • How to Sell More with Instagram
  • Converting Leads with a Better Sales Funnel
  • Building Social Proof with Videos
  • Starting a Sales Team
  • Sales Closing Techniques
  • Plus a “Stump the Panel Roundtable”!

Clark College

Shirt Lab St. Portland is proud to call Clark College in beautiful Vancouver Washington our home for our 2019 event.

Just north of Portland, Clark College has a theme of “Transformation” for their students, which aligns with our Shirt Lab mission to enhance your education on sales and marketing techniques for the decorated apparel industry.
Shirt Lab Portland will be held at Foster Auditorium on the campus of Clark College.
Register early to save money!

“The secret of getting the best results for your decorated apparel business is attending Shirt Lab LIVE.

-Roger Burnett

Shirt Lab LIVE Portland Itinerary

Free Networking Event


Friday, August 2, 2019


Heathen Brewery Feral Public House

In an area where you can’t throw a rock without hitting a craft beer brewery, we’ve picked out a fantastic event space to hold our legendary Friday night networking event.


From 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, we’ll have a blast sampling their fresh brewed beer or drinking a glass of wine.  It’s a chance for everyone to meet, talk shop, network, and unwind before the brain-cramp learning sets in for Shirt Lab Portland the next day.


This event is sponsored by InkSoft, so be sure to thank them for their hospitality!

Shirt Lab LIVE Portland


Saturday, August 3, 2019


Shirt Lab at Clark College Auditorium

This is where the magic happens.

The day starts early, but it is on a Saturday so you don’t have to close your shop to attend.  All you need to bring is an open mind, your top challenges, and your willingness to learn.
7:00 am – 8:00 am – Registration and Networking Breakfast
8:00 am – 8:30 am – Shirt Lab Portland Opening – Tom Rauen and Marshall Atkinson
8:30 am – 9:30 am – Marketing Success with StoryBranding – Mark Coudray with Catalyst Accelerator
9:30 am – 10:30 am – How to Sell More with Instagram – Sam Sprague with Sprague Media
10:30 am – 11:00 am – Networking Break
11:00 am – 12:00 pm – Converting Leads with a Better Sales Funnel – Jorge Vasquez with Click Funnels.
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm – Catered Lunch
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm – Building Social Proof with Videos – Ryan Moor with Ryonet.

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm – Starting a Sales Team – Brad White with Taylor Communications

3:00 pm – 3:30 pm – Networking Break
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm – Sales Closing Techniques – Ken Seidl with Ken Seidl Consulting.
4:30 pm – 5:00 pm – Stump the Panel Roundtable
5:00 pm – 5:30 pm – Shirt Lab St. Louis Closing – Tom Rauen and Marshall Atkinson

Exclusive VIP Dinner


Saturday, August 3, 2019


Shirt Lab VIP Dinner at Warehouse 1923

For shops that want the best Shirt Lab experience possible, grab a seat at our exclusive Shirt Lab VIP Dinner.  Availability is limited to only 12 shops, so this will definitely sell out.

The VIP dinner is your chance to meet and hang out with a select group of Shirt Lab instructors, sponsors, and other VIP shop owners.
For Shirt Lab Portland, we’ll be dining together at Warehouse 1923, which is a new restaurant in a very old building right on the Columbia River waterfront.
At the exclusive Shirt Lab VIP Dinner, you will be able to network with other elite shop owners, our Shirt Lab instructors, and some sponsors as well.
Don’t forget that this is seating is extremely limited to only 12 shop participants, as we want to keep the evening intimate and special.
VIP Dinner ticket holders also receive the Shirt Lab Mastermind Brunch for Sunday for free.  Who can argue with a 2 for 1?

Before Heading Back Home


Sunday, August 4, 2019


Shirt Lab Mastermind Brunch

One of the most popular answers to our survey from the Shirt Lab Columbus event was the request for more networking time with other shop owners.

We added some time to the normal Shirt Lab event day, so we thought that a Shirt Lab Mastermind Brunch the following day would be a great idea too.
This is a separate event and will be held at the Shirt Lab main hotel from 9:00 am to 11:00 am on Sunday, August 4, 2019.
Hotel to be determined soon.  Stay tuned.
Before you head back home, grab a great breakfast with everyone from Shirt Lab and participate in a curated discussion regarding the top challenges this industry faces today.  It’s sure to be a winner!
VIP Ticket includes the Mastermind Brunch!

Marketing Success with StoryBranding

Have you ever felt that your customers are not quite aligned with your shop?

You want to increase your sales and develop a marketing platform that not only works but resonates with your true customer base.

One idea that can help with that is the notion of using a story.

In this segment, StoryBrand professional Mark Coudray will teach you the basics of using story for marketing, and how that can have a profound effect on your sales and customer lead generation.

Mark Coudray - Catalyst Accelerator

Mark Coudray is a respected and well-known industry pioneer, innovator and strategist. His work has been published in more than 500 papers, columns, features and articles in every major graphics publication in the US and abroad in addition to hundreds of blog and forum posts.

He is a regular contributor to SGIA Journal, Screen Printing Magazine, and Impressions Magazine. Coudray has been an active member of the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies since 1989.

Coudray has served as Chairman of the Board of SGIA and has received the organizations highest award, The Parmele.

Catalyst Accelerator is a proven system developed over 5 years with 3 full years of field testing. It is designed for all professional services, graphics, and printing businesses. It has a specific emphasis on the highly competitive decorated apparel industry.

How to Sell More with Instagram

What’s the secret method of using Instagram to your advantage?

How can you leverage the new Stories feature with campaigns that produce results?

With using short videos or influencers, how can you drive more leads to your webpage?

Exactly what’s the best way to use hashtags, and how can you extract data and results to track performance?

In this segment, you’ll learn those secrets and more.

Sam Sprague with Sprague Media

The Founder & CEO of Sprague Media – an Advertising Agency that specializes in Facebook & Instagram advertising.
10 Years of Agency & Client Side Marketing.
Marine Veteran and Fantasy Football Fanatic.

Converting Leads with a Better Sales Funnel

By now, you’ve probably heard of a new way to market called “Click Funnels”.

But do you know how they work?  What templates to use?  How you can use A/B testing to produce a better funnel system for proven results.

Our instructor for this segment is Jorge Vasquez, who actually works for Click Funnels.

We’re bringing him in to shed a laser beam on this topic and get you the master level knowledge you need to build a better lead generation tool.

Jorge Vasquez - Click Funnels

Wait, Tom again? Jorge is not his evil twin. We’ll replace that with one that looks more like Jorge and get some information on him loaded soon.

Click Funnels is a new way to build your sales and marketing funnels in an easier method.

With Click Funnels, everything you need to build and launch your funnel is predeveloped and automatically pieced together for you, so you have a seamless and fast set up.

It’s totally customizable and easy to use.

Building Social Proof with Videos

Social Proof is the concept that people will follow the actions of the masses.

The more people are seen to be doing something, the greater the upswell in trust that new customers will have.

Where this fits in with your business is the notion of using influencers to prove that your shop is the best.  It doesn’t matter what YOU say, what matters is what your CUSTOMERS say.

In this segment, Ryan Moor will break down how you can easily capture that notion using video, and post it on social media to build your social proof for your shop.

Ryan Moor - Ryonet

Ryan Moor is the founder of both Ryonet and Allmade.

Ryonet has been an industry leader in supply and education since its inception in 2004 and has used video to inform, educate, and connect with screen printers more so than any other distributor in the industry.

With over 1500 videos and over 25 million views, Ryonet’s success in video marketing is undeniable.

Learn the key’s to making video’s work for your business, what to do and what not to do, how to get the best engagement from your audience and how to do it on all budget.

Starting a Sales Team

How do you keep them motivated?  What about training?

How do you structure their compensation?  Do you pay them on the gross or the net?

Sure, you want growth…but how do you build a fantastic sales team that will help you achieve your sales goals?

One concept that many shop owners face is the notion of starting a sales team.

For this segment, we brought in Brad White, who has built sales teams in several companies from the ground up.  He will show you the ropes and give you best practice tips on creating your own kick-butt sales team.

Brad White - Taylor Communications

With over 20 years in the Promotional Marketing and Custom Apparel industries, Brad White has been involved in all aspects of Sales and Marketing operations for companies of various sizes.

Experienced in the Human Resources aspect of Sales through Recruiting, Onboarding, Training, and Retention programs, in addition to the creation of Sales strategies, processes, and revenue attainment plans, Brad has spent his entire career focused on business development.

With measurable success growing revenue for small, medium, and large companies in the manufacturing, distribution, and technology spaces, he has a multi-dimensional understanding of how to create and implement high-growth plans fur successful revenue goal achievement.

Sales Closing Techniques

In this segment, he will be teaching another fantastic concept on sales closing that is completely different than the one he taught in 2018.

Ken did such a fantastic job at Shirt Lab Columbus with his sales closing workshop, that we wanted to bring him back this year.

It’s not enough to bring in leads, you have to know how to close them to increase your chances of getting the deal.

Ken Seidl - Seidl Consulting

A former vice president of sales for both Fruit of the Loom and alphabroder, Ken brings his unique humor and approach to Shirt Lab.

He actively consults with major decorated apparel industry companies and shops around the world.

Ken teaches sales at Johns Hopkins University in their business school.

New in 2019

Stump the Panel – Round Table Event

Have you ever heard the saying:
“You Are The AVERAGE Income Of Your Five Closest Friends?”
There is some major truth behind that phrase!
Which means…
You need to surround yourself with others in the industry who have been there and done that…
At Shirt Lab Portland, we will have the experts in the industry in the room not only sitting at your table, but we will have a separate panel discussion exclusively with them, where they are ready and willing to HELP YOU OUT!
This is your chance to pick their brain, get your burning questions answered, build a relationship, and start a friendship with the RIGHT people who can help guide you and take you from where you are now, to where you want to be!
Questions? Email us! or

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