Ep15 Ray Markey on "Critical Art Department Training" | Shirt Lab
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Shirt Lab Answer Series Ray Markey

Ep15 Ray Markey on “Critical Art Department Training”

In the fifteenth episode of the Shirt Lab Answer Series podcast, guest Ray Markey and Shirt Lab founders Tom Rauen and Marshall Atkinson discuss a question poised in the Screen Printing Marketing Facebook group concerning art.

In this Episode, Ray, Tom, and Marshall will discuss:

  • What should you start with on art training in a shop?
  • What has to happen when a problem happens on press?
  • How important is having a learning culture in your shop?
  • When should you underbase?
  • Do you have to always use white ink in an underbase screen?
  • Do your artist have to train in the screen room or in production?
  • How can you use mistakes to your advantage?
  • How can you shadow a job with an artist?
  • What does Tom’s baby sound like?


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