Ep12 Nate Leber on "Time Management for 1 Man Shops" and "Local Marketing Tips"
October 19, 2018 - Shirt Lab Answer Series podcast with guest Nate Leber on "Time Management for 1 Man Shops" and "Local Marketing Tips"
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Shirt Lab Answer Series Nate Leber

Ep12 Nate Leber on “Time Management for 1 Man Shops” and “Local Marketing Tips”

In the twelfth episode of the Shirt Lab Answer Series podcast, guest Nate Leber and Shirt Lab founders Tom Rauen and Marshall Atkinson answer two listener questions: “Time Management for 1 Man Shops” and “Local Marketing Tips”.

In this Episode, Nate and Marshall will discuss:

  • What is the biggest thing for a one-man shop regarding time?
  • How a schedule helps when blocking off time.
  • Does energy in the day reflect the activities you should be focusing on?
  • How do you set expectations for clients?
  • Read Craig Ballantyne’s Book – The Perfect Day Formula
  • What is the “meat” of the sandwich for scheduling for a 1-man shop?
  • How a set schedule helps you achieve more.
  • How subcontracting and using tech can help.  Hint: Check out Shirt Lab sponsor Pixel’sHive for sending out art.
  • How to build a consistent marketing program for local business.
  • Can you differentiate your shop from others?
  • What can you provide for your target client that nobody else can provide?
  • How to use lists to target potential customers and target customers that matter.
  • Using social media such as LinkedIn.
  • How samples help.
  • What is your unfair advantage?
  • How can what you do on the weekends help your business grow?
  • What is the best social proof for influencing potential customers?


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