Ep14 Erich Campbell on "Small Shop Marketing" and "Procrastination"
November 2, 2018 - Shirt Lab Answer Series guest Erich Campbell tackles listener questions on "Small Shop Marketing" and "Procrastination".
Shirt Lab Answer Series, Marshall Atkinson, Erich Campbell, Sales, Marketing, Procrastination
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Ep14 Erich Campbell on “Small Shop Marketing” and “Procrastination”

In the fourteenth episode of the Shirt Lab Answer Series podcast, guest Erich Campbell and Marshall Atkinson answer two listener questions: “Small Shop Marketing” and “Procrastination”.

In this Episode, Erich and Marshall will discuss:

  • Should you be worried that a good sales and marketing program will overwhelm your small shop with business?
  • How can contract decorators help?
  • Think about the worst case scenario – how do you handle when you are flooded with work?
  • How can you take the fear out of being busy?
  • When is the perfect time to contract a job out?
  • “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”
  • How to keep the customer experience and maintain that personal feeling?
  • Should you limit your market?
  • How does the scope of your marketing plan or offer affect your schedule?
  • Can you limit the exposure and risk for your work you take?
  • How can you use an event as a niche?
  • How can you add to your revenue without adding new customers?
  • How do you handle procrastination?
  • Can prioritization help?
  • Should you elevate and delegate?


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