Ep16 Mike Chong on "Marketing Presentation Styles" and "Marketing Dollars" - Shirt Lab
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Shirt Lab Answer Series Mike Chong

Ep16 Mike Chong on “Marketing Presentation Styles” and “Marketing Dollars”

Guest Mike Chong and Shirt Lab founders Tom Rauen and Marshall Atkinson discuss two listener-supplied questions on “Marketing Presentation Styles” and “Marketing Dollars”.

In this Episode, Mike, Tom, and Marshall will discuss:

  • How to be brave and try new things
  • Mike’s thoughts on search marketing.
  • Find out what’s “sticky”.
  • How can you do email marketing better?
  • Mike’s thoughts on testing marketing ideas.
  • How to create videos on how customers are using products.
  • Go with what you are great at doing, don’t worry about doing things like everyone else.
  • How to use general accounting principles for marketing budgeting?
  • How to use ROI to determine what to do financially with marketing?
  • What’s important with marketing dollar spend?
  • How to track marketing spend?
  • Do marketing campaigns so you can track.


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