Ep 1 - Tom & Marshall Launch Shirt Lab | Shirt Lab Answer Series
8/3/2018 - Decorated apparel industry veterans Tom Rauen and Marshall Atkinson launch their new sales & marketing podcast, the Shirt Lab Answer Series.
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Shirt Lab Answer Series Ep 1

Ep 1 – Tom & Marshall Launch Shirt Lab

In this first episode of the new Shirt Lab Answer Series podcast, founders Tom Rauen and Marshall Atkinson discuss the new sales and marketing education event series, the goals of this new podcast, and answer the question:

“What is the biggest sales & marketing challenge that shops face?”

Listen in as Tom & Marshall chat about:

  • The upcoming Shirt Lab event in Columbus Ohio on October 27, 2018
  • How you can save $200 on your registration
  • This new podcast series and how you can contribute and be a part of the show!
  • Answers to today’s sales & marketing question include tips on planning, tools, and scheduling.



As a reminder, you can subscribe to all things Shirt Lab by joining our mailing list.  We’d love to update you on new weekly episodes of The Shirt Lab podcast series, as well as news on our upcoming education events.  Don’t miss out!



Also, don’t forget to check out our sponsors.  One of the reasons that Shirt Lab can put on fantastic events like the one coming up in Columbus, Ohio is that these fantastic companies care about your success.  They are financially invested in making the Shirt Lab event happen, so be sure to click on their logos on our website and do business with them.


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Any questions?  We’d love to hear from you.  Reach out to us at:

Tom Rauen – tom@shirtlabpro.com

Marshall Atkinson – marshall@shirtlabpro.com

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