Ep 18 Greg Kitson on "Contract Shop Lead Gen" and "Marketing Niches"
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Ep 18 Greg Kitson on "Contract Shop Lead Gen" and "Marketing Niches"

Ep 18 Greg Kitson on “Contract Shop Lead Gen” and “Marketing Niches”

Guest Greg Kitson and Shirt Lab founders Tom Rauen and Marshall Atkinson discuss two listener-supplied questions on “Contract Shop Lead Gen” and “Marketing Niches”.

In this Episode, Greg, Tom, and Marshall will discuss:

  • How not to be content with what you are doing if you are a contract printer
  • Tips on Lead Generation for contract printers.
  • How to identify best potential customers.
  • Can market research help you?  Some tips.
  • How to use company stores to your advantage.
  • How direct to consumer is different than contract printing market.
  • Can you create your own market?
  • Discussion on retail branding and a new line.
  • Know your niche.
  • How people and language can help you with your niche.
  • Creating products that service a niche.
  • Some niche ideas and how to market.
  • Taking things the next step further.
  • Find what you are passionate about and use that as a niche.


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