Ep 17 Jarrod Hennis on "Shop Time Management" and "E-Commerce" - Shirt Lab
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Shirt Lab Answer Series Jarrod Hennis

Ep 17 Jarrod Hennis on “Shop Time Management” and “E-Commerce”

Guest Jarrod Hennis and Shirt Lab founder Marshall Atkinson discuss two listener-supplied questions on “Shop Time Management” and “E-Commerce”.

In this Episode, Jarrod and Marshall will discuss:

  • How to schedule work and keep on track?
  • Can shop management software make a difference?
  • How to get prepared for the week?
  • Tips on accountability.
  • Advantages of using the software in the same way.
  • Systems for eCommerce websites
  • Differences between WordPress and Shopify
  • Security and Plugins
  • How to get eyeballs on your website.
  • Using Social Media to Sell.
  • Apps to use for Social Media scheduling


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