EP6 Dan Carr on "Facebook Marketing Funnels" and "SEO Tips to Broaden Reach" | Shirt Lab
September 7, 2018 - Episode 6 - Shirt Lab Answer Series guest Dan Carr answers listener questions regarding Facebook Marketing Funnels and SEO Tips
Shirt Lab Answer Series, Dan Carr, Marshall Atkinson, Tom Rauen, Facebook Marketing Funnels, SEO Tips, conversion, sales, ad buying, customers
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Shirt Lab Dan Carr

EP6 Dan Carr on “Facebook Marketing Funnels” and “SEO Tips to Broaden Reach”

In the sixth episode of the Shirt Lab Answer Series podcast, guest Dan Carr and Marshall Atkinson answer two listener questions: “Facebook Marketing Funnels” and “SEO Tips to Broaden Reach”.

In this Episode Dan and Marshall will discuss:

  • What you need to do before you start any marketing campaign.
  • What your users want on your website.
  • The two best factors for your website for usability for ads to convert to sales.
  • The biggest mistake people make with Facebook ads.
  • Retargeting campaigns.
  • Best Facebook ad time length for data sample set.
  • What drives users to the point of conversion?
  • How to leverage your email customer list in Facebook.
  • The idea of “warming up” your funnel.
  • How to get a bigger audience from where you live.
  • Best tools for ad buying platforms and funnels.
  • How to expand to new regions and markets.
  • The importance of Google Tracking parameters.

For more information about Carr Media, visit the webpage here.

For the custom Shirt Lab question page that Dan created, click this link.


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