Ep8 Bill Petrie on "Salesperson Compensation" and One Person Biz Marketing"
September 21, 2018 - Shirt Lab Answer Series guest Bill Petrie discusses "Salesperson Compensation" and "One Person Biz Marketing"
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Shirt Lab Answer Series Bill Petrie

EP8 Bill Petrie on “Salesperson Compensation” and “One Person Biz Marketing”

In the eighth episode of the Shirt Lab Answer Series podcast, guest Bill Petrie and Marshall Atkinson answer two listener questions: “Salesperson Compensation” and “One Person Biz Marketing”.

In this Episode, Bill and Marshall will discuss:

  • How to build out inside or outside sales reps
  • Compensation structure
  • Should your reps work full time or part time?
  • What questions should you ask before getting started with hiring a sales rep?
  • What is a hybrid compensation model?
  • What commission percentage is the fairest for the rep and also to the business?
  • What structure reinforces the best behavior for sales reps to use for profit?
  • When should you pay your sales rep?
  • How can you market for a small company where the person wears all the hats?
  • What should you focus on?
  • What is the 30% Club?
  • How important is your story in marketing?
  • What adds value to your marketing?
  • What does your client’s assume about you?
  • How does content marketing resonate with your target audience?
  • How to find time for marketing every week.


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