Aaron Montgomery "Finding New Customers" and "Tips on Getting Whale Accounts"
October 12, 2018 - Shirt Lab Answer Series podcast with guest Aaron Montgomery on "Finding New Customers" and "Tips on Getting Whale Accounts"
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EP11 Shirt Lab Answer Series Aaron Montgomery

Ep11 Aaron Montgomery on “Finding New Customers” and “Tips on Getting Whale Accounts”

In the eleventh episode of the Shirt Lab Answer Series podcast, guest Aaron Montgomery and Marshall Atkinson answer two listener questions: “Finding New Customers Outside of My Area” and “Top Tips for Getting Whale Accounts”.

In this Episode, Aaron and Marshall will discuss:

  • Where do you start in the digital world?
  • Why your website matters
  • What should be on your website?
  • How niche marketing is important
  • Who are you competing against?
  • How to take advantage of digital tools
  • How do you get your customers to take action?
  • How does a business plan or marketing plan help?
  • Are you ready and do you want a whale account?
  • Do you know your true costs?
  • When you are ready, how do you attract these whale accounts?
  • What do your customers think about you?
  • How does a whale’s sales cycle affect your business?


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